CC5X C compiler for PICmicro

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Free Packages

Please read all the following text before downloading the free package.

The free edition supports up to 32768 instructions. The variable size is limited to 16 bit, signed and unsigned, plus 24 bit floating point. The generated code is compact, but full optimization is not available. The estimated code size of full optimization is stated.

Support is not available to users of the free edition. However, please report compiler bugs, documented according to the provided description. If you do this, expect the bug to be corrected in the next version released.

Restrictions: The free edition can be used to generate code for all prototype, commercial and non-commercial systems without restrictions. Permission is required to distribute the FREE edition. Making any changes to the compiler is strongly prohibited.

Are you ready for CC5X?
Examine checklist below:

Very compact code. Limited C syntax support.
Efficient RAM usage. No libraries except math.
Very good low level control, including inline assembly. Works best in single module mode.
Many variable types: Bit, integer, floating point, fixed point. Limited linker support (MPLINK only)
Many math libraries.  
Integrates with MPLAB X.  

CC5X Free Edition

The downloadable packages contains example code and txt files. The compiler is a 32 bit console application that can be started from the command line and from many IDE applications (like MPLAB). (~1100k) - Windows installation program
(~600k)  - Alternative without installation (a single folder with all compiler files)

It is recommended to start by reading the included files install.txt and readme.txt.

LINUX and MAC users can use wine to run Win32 programs.

CC5X Test Edition

The Test Edition is NOT a complete compiler. Up to 32k words of code can be generated, but NO hex file. The assembly file is MODIFIED (labels are not complete). This TEST edition supports 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit integers, fixed and floating point math, leanslice multitasking and FULL optimization (same as EXTENDED edition). This allows code development and conversion of existing applications to check code size. (~1100k) - Windows installation program
(~600k)  - Alternative without installation (a single folder with all compiler files)

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