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Version 1.8C

Copyright (c) B Knudsen Data, Norway, 2001 - 2024.

==>   MPLAB X support is available.

==>   CC8E supports the enhanced PIC18 core.

A FREE edition of CC8E is available with 128k words code size.

Specific CC8E Enhancements

  • single cycle 8x8 hardware multiplication
  • supports all new instructions to enable more compact code
  • table read instructions read const data
  • up to 64 RAM banks and single instruction bank update
  • supports large tables and structures (>256 byte)
  • interrupt vector table support

The SETCC Utility Tool

This new tool allows generating device header files with selectable bit format and other options. This utility can also be used to manage device configuration settings and write the user settings to a source/header file for compilation. The tool can also compile the project with selectable options. More information is found in SETCC.TXT.


The CC8E C compiler supports PIC18 instructions (legacy mode) and generates optimized code. The code efficiency that have put CC5X in a leading position for over 15 years also applies to CC8E.

Supports 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit variables, signed and unsigned, single bit variables, compiler generated layout of local variables, automatic ram bank updating. Generates many files (hex, assembly, list, error, function outline, variable list). Supports structures and unions, bitfields, typedef, typecast, arrays and pointers. Plus integrated interrupt support.

Fixed and floating point math is available. The floating point math (16, 24 and 32 bit) includes functions like log(), log10(), exp(), exp10(), sin(), cos(), sqrt(). The libraries are compact and fast. Code can be optimized for size or speed.

The code generated by CC8E can be inspected at the example page.

Multitasking support using state machines is available.

Are you waiting for coming features?  The included 12 months update agreement ensures that you get free updates on your license during the following 12 months after purchase (see prices page).

Free updates can be downloaded on the same page that contains the initial installation program for your license. The link to this page is found in the mail containing the license file and download instructions.

The Frequent Asked Questions page provides useful help.


PDF manual and FREE compiler. Up to 128k of code can be generated. The demo package also contains example code and txt files. The compiler is a 32 bit console application that can be started from the command line or from many IDE applications (MPLAB). No special installation is required.

Separate compiler products

  • CC5X: 12 and 14 bit core : PIC10/12/14/16  (free compiler available)
  • CC7A: 16 bit core : PIC17 (demo compiler available)

Questions: contact Please state the product name in the Subject field of the e-mail.

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